“If You want a war, come back” Zardari suggests Nawaz Sharif

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Islamabad (By Anis Farooqui) : PDM’s political dreams took a wrong turn when Former President Asif Ali Zardari went cold feets during a video conference by suggesting Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he should return back if he wants allies to go for a war to topple Imran’s Government.

Many wonder what went wrong and where? Answer is simple, that Pakistan People Party and it’s Central Executive Committee strongly believes in a democratic process of electing and de-electing a government. PPP is only party in Pakistan who has never directly and openly been part of a aristocratic systematic change.

On the other hand they are also well aware of the fact that Molana Fazal ur Rehman and Maryam Nawaz Sharif have set a different personal agenda against Imran Khan’s government, therefore they don’t want to be part of any such conspiracy and allow them to be used.

Asif Zardari’s political wisdom caught this in the early stages of PDM but kept quiet until now when time came for action. Political pundits may think it as a pro-establishment move, however, its a move not only in the best interest of party’s reputation of protecting democratic value but also in greater interest of country which can not afford further turmoil in a Pandemic Era.

It is also a healthy sign to note that during this entire crisis, Army junta and ISPR have remained quite neutral and not sided one party or perhaps they had seen this move coming from PPP and had no fear for Imran’s setup and any further instability for the country.

It’s now very clear that PPP wants to avoid any such Long March and Dharna activity in capital and destabilize a democratic system and create any space for generals to jump on Triple 111 Jeeps and Trucks towards President’s House and Pakistan Televisions as has happened in previous coups in Pakistan’s history. People of Pakistan will never forgive PPP and Bhutto Legacy for any such mishap if it happens again under Asif Ali Zardari’s leadership.

Imran Khan’s government was given an opportunity with high hopes and a better change which they did not live up to expectations of anyone including who supported it all in, but enough is enough, if a change in country is needed it should always be through a ballot and in a timely manner.

It was easy for Asif Zardari to leave the country and operates from his Dubai residence like Nawaz Sharif but he remained in the country and still was harsh with establishment and maintained his powerful stance which proves that PPP has played a very constructive role in the national politics once again.

Rejecting to resign from national assemblies does not mean that its can be a sigh of relief for PTI’s government, it will be interesting to see what’s in store for them and is Mr.Zardari really wearing his heart on his sleeve?

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