When would Pakistani Diplomats learn diplomacy?

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Recently renowned author and most senior Torontonian journalist Tahir Gora felt isolated, threatened and profiled by none other than his own’s country Pakistan’s ‘ civil servant posted in Toronto as Consul General.

Imran Siddiqui who according to media reports got caught on tape threatening two of Canada’s most respected writers / opinion makers, Tarek Fatah and Tahir Gora, this stirred waves not only nation wide in the media fraternity but overseas made headlines in leading news outlets.

The conversation apparently took place sometime in mid March 2018 between Imran Ahmed Siddiqui and unidentified caller and went viral on social media after the 14th August this year.

Imran Siddiqui during Pakistan Day celebration at the consulate office of at 7880 Keele Street Unit No. 14 , Vaughan Ontario, violated Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom by denying video coverage of the event to Dawood Jan a TAG TV news anchorman and poor myself.

“Journlists have to cooperate, if they want to survive”, said Imran in the recorded audio, in his views he knows exactly how to deal with it as he is mentioning the ‘treatment’ that is being done slowly. In Urdu ‘Ilaaj’ is being done and we are working on it. “

Watch Quiggin Report above.

‘Illaj’ meaning Treatment in English, so folks there’s a disease outbreak here in Canada that is called FREE SPEECH and a cure is being invented by this genius Pakistani Diplomat.

Worldwide Diplmats, politician and Journalist community are furious on his rude behavior, non-diplomatic practice and discriminatory attitude on a foreign land, Siddiqui, State of Pakistan’s representative clearly violating all diplomatic norms and pushing his own agenda.

The Canadian Radio Show, THE QUIGGIN REPORT, described Siddiqui’s purported comments a threat to ‘FIX’ journalists whose views were ‘not acceptable’ to the diplomat.

Anglin, a former Deputy Chief Staff to Canada’s Prime Minister said that Government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “Should have the guts to expel the diplomat involved as other governments have done so when a Pakistani diplomat crossed the legal/diplomatic lines” .

On Pakistan’s independence flag raising ceremony as usual I too was excited to attend and feel inclusive, unfortunately upon arrival my team was told to remove the microphone and stop covering as he (Imran Siddiqui) is not ‘pleased’ with our policy.

Siddiqui’s selective favoritism is well known in the local media community since his arrival but in recent days it has escalated to a radical point that certainly needs to stop right here right now.

After watching news, reading papers and surfing social media I found a lot of negative buzz on this latest slur by a Pakistani Civil Servant and I ask Pakistan’s Foreign Office to take immediately actions on this unprofessional attitude by Consul General posted in Toronto.

It is there responsibility to make all citizens feel welcomed in their consulates, be open to healthy criticism and serve with utmost respect. If they can not follow basic principal of civil service then they should be expelled as they are not respecting governing laws of the foreign land painting a bad name for Pakistan.

Mr. Siddiqui or whoever is next in line, I alongwith Tarek Fatah, Tahir Gora, Haleema Saadia, Dawood Jan and our media team demand that you act accordingly as long as you are designated here on the land of True North Strong and FREE !

Remember this is Toronto Canada and not Jeddah /Riyadh or any other of your previous middle east posting where you were like a King and everyone in front of you was your servant, to your disappointment, its opposite here in a democratic society, and here we ask questions that you need to answer, so here it is “When would Pakistani Diplomats learn the diplomacy”?


The writer Anis Farooqui is a social and civil right activist and vocal on Human Right violations across the globe. He works as Host/Producer (Current Affairs) at a leading news channel of North America. He can be reached at anisfarooqui@gmail.com and tweets @anis_farooqui

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  1. such type of persons taking the advantage of liberalization. this is not acceptable in any civil society


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