No time to be a hypocrite, speak up !!

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Tension between Canada and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is picking up momentum and there’s seems no sign of easing this strain anytime soon.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has clearly stated that Canada will not apologize for standing up “for Canadian values and human rights.”

Canadians have raised voices across the nation and proved that they stand united with the Canada’s response.

Unfortunately in this whole row, to back Saudi stance, Pakistan jumped in, and their foreign office issued statement of support.

At home so far there’s a dead silence from most of Pakistani Canadian citizens of Canada,  particularly, Imams and Member Parliaments have been shying away from this row and waiting for a quick settlement so they can have a safe exit.

Clearly, the Vote Bank hungry politicians like these members have no allegiance with the nation but only to themselves, Canada has no room for such double-faced representatives and this matter must be dealt with immediately.

My advise to all is that  this is a time that we need to show our full and unconditional support as one nation and prove that who we have the allegiance with?

So dear Pakistani Canadians, as they say that you can’t eat cake & have it too, have some courage and show you utmost Support for Canada & openly Condemn Saudis as well as Pakistan’s stand and support for Saudis on the Badawi Human Right issue.

Looking forward to MPs & MPPs of Pakistani descent to speak up on the issue. Your silence is a sign that worries me.

Don’t be a hypocrite! SPEAK UP….


The writer Anis Farooqui is a social and civil right activist and vocal on Human Right violations across the globe. He works as Host/Producer (Current Affairs) at a leading news channel of North America. He can be reached at and tweets @anis_farooqui

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