Baloch fighter dares China before blowing himself in fidayeen attack

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Balochistan (Pakistan), Aug 12 (ANI): A young Baloch fighter carried out a suicide attack on a bus carrying Chinese engineers and workers out of Balochistan. The deceased attacker is identified as Rehan Baloch, a Baloch fighter and elder son of Balochistan Liberation Army’s (BLA) senior commander Aslam Baloch.

Before his attack, Rehan issued a video statement asking China to vacate Balochistan and stop plundering their resources. He was seen holding an automatic weapon in the video.
The Chinese nationals who were attacked are associated with the Saindak project in Dalbandin city of Chaghi district, from where they were traveling. Many are said to be injured in the attack, but no loss of life is reported.
In his message Rehan accused that “With China’s help, Pakistan has intensified its offensive against Baloch nation and thousands have been killed and their villages destroyed in Pakistani military operations.” “Through this act I want to make China and its people realize that whosoever will try to meddle in Baloch issue without Baloch nation’s consent, it will face the wrath of Baloch nation,” he added. Balochistan is Pakistan’s resource-rich province where a large number of Chinese engineers and workers are engaged in development projects including multi-billion dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
The Saindak project pertains to mining of gold and copper that Pakistan is doing in partnership with China. The indigenous Baloch, who have been fighting for their independence, are opposed to any foreign presence in the region.

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